Our fleet solutions

LTR : Long-Term Rental

Our long-term rental solution provides you with new vehicles that meet your needs. The rental period and fixed mileage are both tailored to your vehicle use, and we also offer a number of other services that you can add to the package.

Our made-to-measure finance solution enables you to take advantage of simplified management of your car fleet without having to worry about day-to-day worries, thus enabling you to fully focus on your business.

You pay a fixed monthly rent during the whole rental period based on the chosen vehicle. We look after servicing, insurance, assistance and breakdowns, as well as optional services such as Replacement Vehicle.

Long-term rental also allows you to preserve your financial capacity, as the costs are recorded in your operating expenses.

It’s the ideal solution for efficient and mastered management of your fleet thus providing you with excellent mobility.

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MTR : Medium-Term Rental

Medium-term rental is a flexible mobility solution for all your business locations 3 and 24 months.

It enables you to meet occasional requirements, such as:

  • - Defined duration projects,
  • - Greeting new personnel,
  • - An activity requiring the use of one or more vehicle(s) from time to time.


You can take advantage of a simple solution tailored to your requirements, with variable mileage and durations, combining the flexibility of short-term rental with the services associated with long-term rental.

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STR : Short-Term Rentals

Short-term rental is is a practical and flexible solution. With or without a chauffeur, we cover all your mobility needs by giving you complete freedom concerning the booking times ranging from one day to several weeks or even several months.
Loxea has a large offering of makes and models of Toyota, 4WDs, small commercial vehicles and minibuses, meeting your wide-ranging business or private travelling needs.
Partner of the biggest vehicle rental franchise companies for over 20 years, Loxea provides its customers with recent, fully-equipped and well-serviced vehicles, compliant with international standards, and consequently offering a high-quality service.
Chauffeur Service: Forget the stress and strain of driving.
In order to ease the burden of travelling, we have a pool of qualified and regularly trained chauffeurs.
Delivery and return service: Make your life easier and save time. 
We will deliver and/or pick up your vehicle at the airport, your hotel, your company, etc...
Assistance *: Set off with peace of mind.
In the event of a mechanical breakdown, a replacement vehicle of an equivalent category (depending on availability) will be delivered to you at the scene of the breakdown.

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